Books about remote work

Books about remote work

Everybody loves a good book! Since most of the readers are serious about remote work, I decided to compose a list of books on remote work/telecommuting. Most of the (e-)books are written by people or companies who are working remotely for many years now.

Know of a book that is not listed below? Please let me know!

REMOTE: office not required

A book from the founders of Basecamp. I recommend you read this one before "It doesn't have to be crazy at work" (further down this list), because it will give you some more background about the early stages of when they started working remotely. Maybe you'll find some interesting differences between the two books.

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The year without pants

Do you want to go behind the scenes at Wordpress? This book is written by a former employee who at that time was new to working remotely. What is the transition to a remote team like? It also gives us a fun look at how the Wordpress team is being managed and how they evolve.

This book is not a step by step guide on how you can work remotely like Automattic (the company behind Wordpress), but Berkun takes you with him on his journey to becoming a remote worker.

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It doesn't have to be crazy at work

The most recent book by the founders of Basecamp. While this book doesn't solely focus on working remotely, it can give you some perspective on how to run one better. For its relatively short length it's packed with useful and practical information.

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Deep work

This is not really a book about how run or work in a remote office, but its a very interesting book for getting to peak productivity levels at home. Knowing how to get into a state of deep work can greatly improve the quality of working from home.

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As a reader pointed out to me, Rework is also worth reading. It doesn't focus solely on the remote working part of starting a business, it's a damn good book for anyone starting one. What I really like about this book is how straight forward it is; "What you really need to do is stop talking and start working".

"I'd probably start with REWORK, unless you've just gone remote or are working on going remote (read Rework)." - David Heinemeier Hansson (Basecamp and author of Rework)

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Not all books about remote work are printed as hardcovers. Some companies have released ebooks on how they transitioned to, manage and function in a remote team. Below are some;

Toptal - The Suddenly Remote Playbook

This extensive guide on how to deal with working remotely is very well put together and gives clear direction on not only how to manage a remote team, but also includes handy tips and best practices. In particular, I urge you to read the chapter on security & support since it cannot be an afterthought when managing a distributed team


The Holloway Guide to Remote Work

I have yet to receive access to the guide, but the list of people that have contributed is fantastic! With so much authority on the subject of remote work coming together, I can't imagine the value this guide will have.

I will update this paragraph once I've read the guide.

Link - $35

Trello - How to embrace remote work

If you have ever searched for a project management tool on the web, you have probably encountered Trello. If you have some time on your hands, have a look at this beautifully put together guide on remote work. I especially like the way how they bundled the wisdom of multiple remote working companies together. If you only have half an hour, check the piece about UNICEF. You will not be disappointed.


Rocket matter - Working Remotely - The Telecommuter’s Guide to the Galaxy

"This book identifies the advantages of working from anywhere in the galaxy". If that doesn't peak your interest in this ebook, what else will? How can you optimize remote work for the employer and employees?


Zapier - Remote work

If you want to read one ebook of this list, it's currently this one you want to pick up. This ebook is largely written by Zapier CEO Wade Foster and the nice thing about it is that it's updated periodically.


Wrike - The Art of Staying Productive Even Across Distance

I didn't have time to go through this ebook myself, but since it was listed on most remote working forms as a "good read", I decided to add it to the list. Ones I've read the book I'll update this paragraph with a better description.