About Remote 101

Welcome to the about page! This probably means you want to know more (or you are lost!). I created Remote 101 because working remotely sounds like a dream, but in reality is a challenge.

In short Remote 101 is a blog about working remotely or as other people like to call it; telecommuting.

While working remotely is gaining popularity, most likely our friends and family don't work remotely. Meaning you'll have to figure this thing out all by your self. There is so much more to this than just opening your laptop and start working. How do you manage your schedule, social life and fitness?

My goal is to create a blog / community where remote working people share their experiences to help each other thrive. I would love to hear your experiences, tips and tricks! Just send me an email and let's start building a community of remote working people  :)

I hope you enjoy this blog about working remotely!